Microgrants Application

For each application cycle many people are involved in the process and implementation of the microgrants. A panel of artists, curators, community, and arts leaders review each application.

Facilitated by the Gobioff Foundation, this panel works together to ensure that the process is fair and equitable. The panelists use rating instruments created by the Gobioff Foundation for the review process. During the decision making process averages of these ratings are used to inform the panel discussion.


Due to the nature of the grant and the requirement for social distancing due to the COVID-19 virus, we are suspending the microgrant program until further notice.

Application Process

For each cycle, applicants will submit a short, online form.

A committee of five to nine members (artists, patrons, curators, art enthusiasts, etc.) will review each application with an evaluation form. The committee will then meet  online or in-person to discuss applications and determine recipients (up to four).

This process will be repeated four times within a year (four cycles).

Disqualifying Omissions

Any omission of a required component of the application may be grounds for disqualifying an application. The Gobioff Foundation will make a reasonable effort to contact any artists with an application deemed ineligible with an opportunity for them to correct their responses. If an application remains incomplete or does not meet eligibility requirements, it will not be taken to the review panel. 

Reporting Requirement

If your application is funded, Microgrant recipients will be required to fill out a short evaluation form and account for how funds were spent.

Application Cycle

1. Get Started

The review panel uses two documents to evaluate the Microgrants – the Evaluation Rating Form and the Scoring Alignment Table. They are good resources to refer to before applying in order to better understand how the application will be evaluated.

2. Prepare Your Application

Download the Application Worksheet and fill out the information prior to entering the data in the online form.

3. Submit Your Application

When you are ready to submit your Application, login or create an account, enter the information from your Application Worksheet into the online form, and send the form.

The Gobioff Foundation uses Foundant – an online grant portal – to handle Applications. Check out our Application FAQs for more info about submitting Applications.

What's Next?

After submitting your application you will receive a system generated email confirmation that your application was completed. 

The Gobioff Foundation will notify selected Applicants, who will then execute their Microgrants project!

Microgrants recipients will be required to fill out a short evaluation form and account for how funds were spent.