Congratulations to the 2021 Cycle 4 Microgrant Recipients! The Gobioff Foundation is thrilled to support this the fantastic projects!

Francesca Arnone

Florida Chamber Murals: Bridging the Arts for All

April 10, 2022 

USF School of Music faculty Amy Collins and Francesca Arnone forge an interdisciplinary collaboration with Tampa Bay award-winning artist, Christopher Still, and Kansas State University composer, Alyssa Morris


Xina Scuderi

Files & Films 8

May 26, 2022 

Files & Film is curating it’s annual group photography show in 2022. F&F 8 will be curated by Owner/Founder of Files & Film Xina Scuderi in collaboration with HCC Gallery Director Amanda Poss and Gallery Assistant Emiliano Settecasi.


Tailgate Projects Truck
Image Credit: Coe Lapossy
Truck Skin: “Street Meat” by the Milagros Collective
Flags: “Unraveling the Maypole” by Loren Britton

Kale Roberts

Transitioning Histories, A Truck in Drag

May, 2022 

Tailgate Projects(TGP) Mobile Gallery, a truck in drag, is inherently collaborative and ever evolving. Each season the truck is consistently recreated by artists. Working with Parallelogram Gallery in a tailgate happening in May, TGP will be exhibiting the new paint job, “Prime Specimens” created in collaboration with Silky Shoemaker & Michelle Devereux while housing a new monument and a body of work from artist Lexa Walsh. Walsh’s new body of work “Failure is Always an Option”, is a series of clay sculptures referencing ribbons and trophies utilizing the truck bed as a memorial site for a single sculpture.